Subject RE: Possibly a BUG (was: [firebird-support] -n switch of gbak.exe)?
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> does somebody know what's the usage of the -n switch of gbak is?
> >From the Firebird documentation:
> ┬ľn[o_validity] Deletes validity constraints from restored metadata. Use if you
> need to restore data that you believe would not comply with validity
> constraints.
> What does "validity constraints" in this context mean?
> Ok, but, for example restoring a database with a newly created
> NOT NULL field without updating the field for existing records
> will fail, even when using the -n switch.
> I know there was a new -va switch in IB 7 introduced, exactly
> for restoring such databases, so my understanding of the -n
> switch isn't correct.
> Can anybody shed some light on the -n switch, and what it is
> made for?

The following might be directly related to the issue above.

From the list of bugfixes in IB 7.1:

123504 gbak -r -no_validity now works with NOT NULL constraints.

So, did I hit a bug in Firebird here? I'm using Firebird 1.5 RC7

Thomas Steinmaurer

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