Subject Re: [firebird-support] Troubles installing package firebird-1.0_2.tbz on freebsd 5.0 (HELP ME, PLEASE !)
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:25 AM 10/12/2003 +0100, you wrote:
>I'm trying to install firebird 1.0.2 on freebsd 5.0 (on an old machine:
>i386 - Pentium 133 MHz) in two different ways:
>1) package "firebird-1.0_2.tbz"
>After installing package firebird-1.0_2.tbz on freebsd 5.0 with "pkg_add
>firebird-1.0_2.tbz" it seems working fine.
>The text client "isql" works; when i try to execute "./ibmgr -start" in
>bin directory as user "toor", i receive this message:
>toor@fbsd95: /usr/local/firebird/bin> ./ibmgr -start
>check $INTERBASE/interbase.log file for errors
>can not start server

It means you can't start the server, because it is already running. If you
want a server that starts one separate server process for every client
connection, don't use Superserver. Uninstall it and install the Classic

isql runs OK on a local connection because it is an embedded
application. If you have a local application you wrote, you need to use
tcp/ip local loopback to connect to the Superserver. Only Classic supports
a direct local connect on *X and *ian. Make sure your hosts file (in /etc
on Linuxen, dunno about Deb) has a localhost entry, viz. localhost.localdomain

Then your local app has to connect to your database with the string:

localhost:/data/mydatabase/fdb (or whatever the db path is).