Subject Re: Poor performance of SuperServer 1.5 on Intel XEON Server?
Author michael welsch

sorry for the missing information.
The OS on the XEON machine is Windows Server 2003.

I tested my application before with the database server running on a
standard PC (P4, 2,2 GHz, 512 MBRam, Windows XP Pro) The client was
connected with this server through our intranet.

Now i moved the database server to the XEON machine and comparing to
the previous performance it is very much slower.
I have no timings, sorry, but it is obvious that something's not OK.

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> Hi! Reporting my experience with FB 1.5 and HT:
> I ran FB 1.5 SS on a P4 2.4Ghz HT with Win2K. Testing the
> with a big selectable SP (hundreds of lines of code) FB 1.5 got
> 20% faster than FB 1.0
> I didn't change anything regarding the default configuration and FB
> was (of course) attached to the first "virtual" processor.
> Carlos
> FireBase -
> DR> Another question. What do you qualify as poor performance
(this would
> DR> help us understand what you are referring to)?