Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird and Delphi 6 - a newbie question
Author Artur Anjos
Hi Luka,

If you starting with Firebird, my advice it's to start with version 1.0. We
don't have a release for version 1.5, just Release Candidates, and that's
the reason you don't have a nice installer. With Firebird 1.0, you have it

Once you starting to be confortable with Firebird 1, I'm sure version 1.5
will be there and you won't have any install problems. :-)

> And now I'm stuck. I can't connect to my Firebird server from IBConsole
app. If I
>register a local server with default user and password (SYSDBA/masterkey),
I get a
>message saying "The server has not been started. Would you like to start it

IBConsole tries to start Interbase server using registry keys. Since they
are different from Firebird 1.5 and Interbase, you will have that problem
(Firebird 1 don't, since keys are simmilar). But you can turn around this
IBConsole specific problem if you don't use 'local connection' but instead
use TCP/IP connection to 'localhost'. This will work with IBConsole and
Firebird 1.

You may wish to try another free tool. One suggestion could be IBOConsole
from Lorenzo Mengoni, that you can find at:

There are plenty more. Take a look at IBPhoenix website for a nice list of