Subject Firebird and Delphi 6 - a newbie question
Author Luka ;)
Hi all!

I recently downloaded and installed Firebird 1.5 on my WinXP Pro machine running Delphi 6 EE. I couldn't find any installation software, so I performed manual setup by unzipping the files, adding registry keys and adding Server and Guardian services. I also downloaded and installed the Zeos components library from and IBConsole from as a DB admin tool.

And now I'm stuck. I can't connect to my Firebird server from IBConsole app. If I register a local server with default user and password (SYSDBA/masterkey), I get a message saying "The server has not been started. Would you like to start it now?" If I say YES I get an error saying "InterBase server is not installed on your system" and then another: "Cannot attach to services manager." Should I maybe use some other tool for database administration?

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,
Mr. Luka Ranisavljevic
Serbia and Montenegro
freelance programmer