Subject autocommit off - was Re: Pessimistic locking
Author hay77772000
Connected to this...does anyone know what happens when you turn
autocommit off on a connection retrieved through JDBC driver,
execute some sql statements, and then do a commit?

Is a new transaction started automatically? Is it outside of a
transaction? If the commit is never issued because something went
wrong, what will happen to the statements that were issued?

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--- In, Aage Johansen
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> On Wed, 24 Sep 2003 19:46:58 +0000 (UTC), hay77772000 wrote:
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> > A question though - if I add a record to a table, along with
> > associated records in tables with foreign keys, do I need to do
any kind
> > of locking?
> > ...
> I don't think so. Other users won't even see the inserted records
> you commit. The commit will enable other users to see all the
records, but
> they may have to start a new transaction (depending on
their 'transaction
> isolation' setting).
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