Subject How to use "Direct File Access" or "Local Access Method"
Author lipsmcbugler

I am trying to evaluate Firebird/Interbase for use in a standalone
Windows application, but have not been able to firmly establish that
it is possible to embed the database engine directly in an

By "embedded" I mean that the database engine executes "in process"
with the application. What I am after is that the application be able
to connect directly to the database files without going through
ibserver or any other external processes.

This would be similar to SQLite, but with the advanced features of

The article Securing your Firebird/InterBase Installation
By Mark O'Donohue 21st January 2001
mentions that it is possible to perform I/O directly on the database
files using "Direct File Access" or "Direct Connect Mode".

Another hint is in InterBase Architecture: SuperServer vs Classic
(,1410,23217,00.html) wherein
a "Local Access Method" is described for the Classic architecture

Is it possible and how is it done???

Will it work in Windows for which only the Super Server arch. is

Is FB/IB overkill for these types of standalone applications?

Are there other open source databases that are better suited?