Subject Re: Record not found ???
Author gnajar
Thank you Thomas,

Yes, by an email Martijn mentioned me that the driver should be ready
soon. My problem is that I'm kind of stucked in my project with this
Numeric(18,0)-FmtBCD issue, since all my Primary Keys in all tables
are of this type and with this problem. I had them DOUBLE PRECISION
before, but to avoid the precision or rounding problems I switched to
Numeric(18,0) which gets the GUID I generate from Delphi for every
record OID. Changing the OID type again would be painful...


--- In ib-support@y..., Thomas Miller <tmiller@b...> wrote:
> Have you tried the new FB driver yet? Martijn is making lots of
> progress on it and it should
> be ready for prime time shortly. It just needs some pounding at
this point.
> Guillermo Najar-Arreola wrote:
> >Hi,
> >I'm using Firebird 1.0, with dbExpress (Interbase driver) - Delphi
6 UP2. I
> >know that the UP2 Interbase driver has some bugs related to BCD
data fields
> >that come from Firebird types like Numeric(18,0). I just want to
check wtih
> >you if it is another driver bug or I'm doing something wrong.
> >For a table where I have random values on a OID Primary Key field
> >Numeric(18,0) , I was happy inserting,deleting, updating from my
> >Client. Then, I had to change key values so each record started at
> >289349199046620160, to follow with 289349199046620161,
> >289349199046620163 and so on.
> >I made the change using a stored proc in Firebird, and then
> >succesfully those changes. The funny thing is that now in my
Delphi app
> >after ApplyUpdates on any update I want to do over the changed
table, I get
> >"Record not found or changed by another user".
> >Checking the SQL Monitor, the SQL UPDATE statement is generated
> >when I modified field "DescripcionServicio" on the SERVICIO table:
> >
> >update "SERVICIO" set
> > "DescripcionServicio" = ?
> >where
> > "OID_SERVICIO" = ?
> >
> >The only theing I see is that for other tables where OID records
are random
> >numbers, everything works fine. But when the OID has a pattern of
say 16
> >digits, and just the last 2 changed from record to record, I get
this error
> >from the corresponding SQLDataSet-Provider-ClientDataSet.
> >
> >Any help?
> >Guillermo Nájar
> >
> >
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