Subject Record not found ???
Author Guillermo Najar-Arreola
I'm using Firebird 1.0, with dbExpress (Interbase driver) - Delphi 6 UP2. I
know that the UP2 Interbase driver has some bugs related to BCD data fields
that come from Firebird types like Numeric(18,0). I just want to check wtih
you if it is another driver bug or I'm doing something wrong.
For a table where I have random values on a OID Primary Key field
Numeric(18,0) , I was happy inserting,deleting, updating from my Delphi
Client. Then, I had to change key values so each record started at OID
289349199046620160, to follow with 289349199046620161, 289349199046620162,
289349199046620163 and so on.
I made the change using a stored proc in Firebird, and then committed
succesfully those changes. The funny thing is that now in my Delphi app
after ApplyUpdates on any update I want to do over the changed table, I get
"Record not found or changed by another user".
Checking the SQL Monitor, the SQL UPDATE statement is generated correctly
when I modified field "DescripcionServicio" on the SERVICIO table:

update "SERVICIO" set
"DescripcionServicio" = ?

The only theing I see is that for other tables where OID records are random
numbers, everything works fine. But when the OID has a pattern of say 16
digits, and just the last 2 changed from record to record, I get this error
from the corresponding SQLDataSet-Provider-ClientDataSet.

Any help?
Guillermo N�jar