Subject Res: Re: [ib-support] Re: MySQL vs Firebird - the slow decay
Author Paulo Vaz
Dears "Gurus",

I newbie here. I use Firebird just a few months. So, my oppinion come
from a "outsider", because I don't
have large experience with Firebird development. Meanwhile I hope to help
you, in order to give a begginer's view.
I never heard about Firebird, until a friend talk to me. When I
discover how wonderful Firebird is, without blind, I move my projects to him

The problem with Firebird is the same of Interbase: Marketing issues.
While this, MySQL has all support of midia, magazines, Linux developers and
Don't matter how better Firebird is in relation to MySQL or others
solutions, if the people don't know about this, Firebird will stay in a
second place. I think that technical discussions, charts, and love to
Firebird, don't make any difference (here obviously), if Firebird can't have
this kind of support.
Artur Anjos and Martinjn Tonies are right: We need comittment, lots of
users groups, communitys around the world (like CFLP that we found at www, partnerships with other fonts, like Linux
developers and distribuctors.
The Firebird develop team is very very competant, but they need
support of all, to change this scenario. Maybe creating another team to take
care of this kind of task: marketing ONLY. Somebody that take this job
seriously, tireless, and with a good estrategy.
With my limited experience with CFLP, I can feel how important
marketing is to make some project "acceptable", in just 15 days we join 615
members! What I did? Marketing. How? In discussion lists, recommending
Firebird, press releases, links with another fonts, a radio interview...just
Firebird goes well, but we need to do something about this.
Stand by me.

Paulo Vaz
Gravataí - Brazil
General Coordenator of CFLP - "Firebird Spoken Portuguese Community"

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Data: terça-feira, 24 de setembro de 2002 07:44:57
Assunto: Re: [ib-support] Re: MySQL vs Firebird - the slow decay


> > Referential integrity and other constraints.
> > Subselects
> > Unions
> > Views
> > Triggers

> Getting into a feature by feature comparison is off target. It's

True - and the "crashme" application at the MySQL site isn't exactly
right either...

> the 'buzz' thing that I'm frustrated about. Yes, I can spout a list
> of reasons why Firebird beats other RDBMSs, including -- very much
> including -- MS SQL (what, you actually want to control the order of
> your trigger firing? Not with Uncle Bill's Sybase). But nobody is
> listening. When MySQL announce views or ref integrity or triggers,
> for millions of users it will be as if those guys invented
> it. "Finally we have views just like Oracle," they will crow. There
> will be news releases; there will be cheers; there will be dancing in
> the streets. Will anyone listen when you point out that Interbase
> So who's fault is it that nobody knows that stuff, that nobody knows
> about Firebird? It's nobody's fault because nobody (apart from the
> devs at conferences) has made a big effort to educate the db public.

What Firebird needs besides developers are a couple of things:

1) funding - to sponsor developers who want to devote more time
than just their sparetime. People who are working free-lance need
bread on the table.
2) a foundation to get that 1 going
3) a foundation that's publicly "there" (so to speak) and makes Fb
visible to the ignorant outside world...
4) a couple of new features to get Fb moving beyond IB/MSSQL/
MySQL ...
5) some speedups for simple selects and ordering (already done I believe
for version 1.5)

All IMHO of course...

With regards,

Martijn Tonies
InterBase Workbench - the developer tool for InterBase

Firebird Workbench - the developer tool for Firebird

Upscene Productions

"This is an object-oriented system.
If we change anything, the users object."

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