Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: MySQL vs Firebird - the slow decay
Author Riste Pejov
Daniel, i'm aware of that, but for newcomer it's frustrating not to have
DateAdd, PeriodAdd
DateDiff, ..etc

>Could you list the basic functions? There are some built-in functions to
>extract the day, month and year from a date. I know that there isn't any
>built-in functions date/time calculations.

What FireBird needs, is more Marketing, look at the MySQL web site, with
every minor change,
they put a news on the web, making people think that they invented the hype.
I'm an editor for linux
at a Macedonian IT Magazine and one of the maintainers of the Macedonian
Linux Portal (,
personaly i'd love to write news about FB, but i don't have clue what to
write about because the site wasn't changed
in the last 2 months. If there was just a bit material to make noise about
and more news on the FB web, then FB
could gain more publicity, all the news should be also forwarded to
slashdot, newsforge, ...etc

Maybe IBPhoenix should consider forming a Marketing department (if they have
one, they should get rid of those people

Marketing is the key to FireBird's success, not the features it has or
If you have good Marketing, you could even sell hot water :)

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