Subject FB and MSSQL (speed test)
Author rodries2

I'm doing some test using FB (with IBX and ADO) and MSSQK (with ADO)
and I've seen that MSSQL is faster than FB when I open query's.
My program test open 12 querys that return only 1 row an th result
MSSQL ADO -> ~ 12500 ms
FB ADO -> ~ 30500 ms
FB IBX -> ~21500 ms

The test is over a internet conection (2 DSL 256k) and I've done it
10 times.
I suppose that FB spent more time open a query than MSSQL, is this

I've used zebedee too, but without any speed gain.

How can I accelerate then open of querys?

Sorry about my english.
Thanks in advance.