Subject RE: [ib-support] ibserver running at 100%
Author Michael Weissenbacher
> > > What is the information regarding the transactions that is returned by
> > Generation 92098
> > Oldest transaction 77749
> > Oldest active 77750
> > Oldest snapshot 77724
> > Next transaction 92088
> I that the difference between Oldest Active and Next Transaction is
> wide. Usually, a backup and restore brings them closer.
the problem is that this database does about 200000 transactions a day. i
have investigated this problem further and i found out that the transactions
are moving for some time and then suddendly stop moving. when the difference
between the oldest and the next trx becomes too great the problem arises.
restarting the server from time works but it can't stay this way. what could
cause the trx numbers not to move forward?

> When you get the error, are you performing an SQL statement in particular
> on a table? The last time I had a consistency error was when a record was

> corrupt and I had to delete it. But, in your case it could be something
> else. Just to make sure, check it out.
well, no. that's why i'm helpless at the moment. unfortunately the
application that has the problems wasn't coded by me, so i think i'll have
to work through the code to find the place where the problem could be.

any further suggestions, anyone?

thank you