Subject RE: [ib-support] ibserver running at 100%
Author Daniel Rail
At 11/09/2002 07:01 AM, you wrote:
> > What is the information regarding the transactions that is returned by
> Generation 92098
> Oldest transaction 77749
> Oldest active 77750
> Oldest snapshot 77724
> Next transaction 92088

I that the difference between Oldest Active and Next Transaction is
wide. Usually, a backup and restore brings them closer.

> > Have you tried using GFIX?
>yes, validate didn't find errors. well, it found "wrong page type" error at
>the first time the problem appeared. but after backup&restore this

You're lucky, one of my clients has a similar error, but I can't back it up
nor use GFIX on it.

When you get the error, are you performing an SQL statement in particular
on a table? The last time I had a consistency error was when a record was
corrupt and I had to delete it. But, in your case it could be something
else. Just to make sure, check it out.

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