Subject ibserver running at 100%
Author Michael Weissenbacher
i am having a big problem with one of our production databases. it's a
firebird 1.0 SS installation on a SuSE linux 7.1 machine. the database has
been running without problems for about a year now. since last week the
server is giving me headaches. there is some ibserver process running
constantly at 100% (or 99.x%) and eating up all cpu time. when the firebird
service is restarted the process disappears only to come back to the top
after a few minutes. as the server is under heavy load sometimes the server
starts to hang because it can't serve any more requests. i would consider
this normal if the load would drop when nobody queries the server. but the
process stays there, regardless if there is load on the server or not.
what's also rather strange is that sometimes when a process has eaten say 10
hours of cpu time it disappears and another process shows up on top. the two
problems that arise from that for now is that the performance suffers and
that sometimes it goes to the point that everything hangs.

these are extracts from my interbase.log, i don't know if these are related
to the problem:
internal gds software consistency check (Too many savepoints (287)) //this
seems to appear at the point when the firebird service is restarted

sometimes there are these errors:
REMOTE INTERFACE/gds__detach: Unsuccesful detach from database.
Uncommitted work may have been lost

and very often i see these:
java (Server) Wed Sep 11 05:00:39 2002
INET/inet_error: read errno = 104
java (Client) Wed Sep 11 00:32:02 2002
INET/inet_error: connect errno = 111

the database doesn't use udf's and also doesn't have stored procedures.
there are only some triggers for key generation as there are some

the database is accessed via interclient and via the gemini odbc driver.
backup & restore of the database didn't bring any help.

thanks for any suggestion

Michael Weissenbacher
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