Author Paul Beach
Just wanted to drop everybody a brief note re some new functionality we have
implemented on
We have uploaded the "old" Mers News Archive consisting of some 45,000
messages collected over a 5 year period into the netfrastructure application
now running the site. These messages include many highlights from Ann,
Brett, Markus, Bill K, Jim, even myself at times, on many varied topics.
Many of the topics are still meaningful today.

The site now provides 3 levels of search functionality....

1. Search the Knowledgebase - does exactly what it says on the tin.
2. Search the Site - searches all the documents on the site and the
3. Search the Mers List - searches the list, and gives you the option to
view similar, so you can see the relevant thread.
(all view similar is doing is finding other messages where the subject
contains the same as the message you have found).

Hope you find this useful, we intend to add the other archives in the near

Paul Beach
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