Subject RE: [ib-support] Replication
Author Ales Kahanek
If I understand well, you use your own replication solution, right?
You said "there is a commercial replication server ...." Can you write some
link to the producer of this repl. server?
Thanks, Ales

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> Subject: RE: [ib-support] Replication
> we run a system which has a head office with 20 or so clients
> working on the
> w2k 'master' database and 4 outstations which work with local
> replicants.
> the application program performs the synchronization by
> attaching to both
> databases and pumping the data both ways. various methods of
> connection are
> used from isdn and v.90 dial-up direct connection to the
> server. we've just
> added a linux server running SSH at the head office, and use
> freeware ssh
> windows client software (called Putty) to provide a secure
> (and compressed)
> link through the net.
> setting up the networking aspect was not too difficult, the
> more difficult
> part was writing the synchonization part of the
> application/database. i used
> GUIDs to ensure unique keys were created at each site, added
> modification
> timestamps to each record (which had to be done by the
> application rather
> than a trigger because we needed universal time to cope with
> offices in
> different time zones). I added a time server at the head
> office so that the
> outstations all kept their clocks in sync.
> there is a commercial replication server which may be the way
> for you to go,
> but if there is anything in the above which you think is of
> interest to your
> application i'd be happy to supply more detail.
> Kind regards,
> Pete