Subject RE: [ib-support] Replication
Author Pete Bray
we run a system which has a head office with 20 or so clients working on the
w2k 'master' database and 4 outstations which work with local replicants.
the application program performs the synchronization by attaching to both
databases and pumping the data both ways. various methods of connection are
used from isdn and v.90 dial-up direct connection to the server. we've just
added a linux server running SSH at the head office, and use freeware ssh
windows client software (called Putty) to provide a secure (and compressed)
link through the net.

setting up the networking aspect was not too difficult, the more difficult
part was writing the synchonization part of the application/database. i used
GUIDs to ensure unique keys were created at each site, added modification
timestamps to each record (which had to be done by the application rather
than a trigger because we needed universal time to cope with offices in
different time zones). I added a time server at the head office so that the
outstations all kept their clocks in sync.

there is a commercial replication server which may be the way for you to go,
but if there is anything in the above which you think is of interest to your
application i'd be happy to supply more detail.

Kind regards,

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> Hi
> I have made a program which uses Firebird.
> This program has been sold to a some customers.
> Now some of these are about to open some new shops.
> So far we have used a Terminal Server in the head office, and then
> letting the clients connect to this server.
> But at this point we have a customer who does not wish to do it this
> way, but wants to have two seperated systems, which could replicate
> against each other (via internet or something like that).
> Is this posible ?
> And can I find some information on this subject somewhere ?
> Thank you in advance.
> Michael
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