Subject RE: [ib-support] ibserver running at 100%
Author Michael Weissenbacher
> Do you operate with Forced Writes ON or OFF?

> What is your Sweep interval?
i've set it to 0 and i'm doing manual sweeps during the night once every 24

> How big is the database?
about 30MB

> What is the information regarding the transactions that is returned by
Generation 92098
Oldest transaction 77749
Oldest active 77750
Oldest snapshot 77724
Next transaction 92088

> Have you tried using GFIX?
yes, validate didn't find errors. well, it found "wrong page type" error at
the first time the problem appeared. but after backup&restore this

> And, there are some documentations regarding this error on IB
> you just need to do a search to find them.
i'm already searching...

>>sometimes there are these errors:
>>REMOTE INTERFACE/gds__detach: Unsuccesful detach from database.
>> Uncommitted work may have been lost
>The information from GSTAT might help to find an answer.
well, i've seen this only one time, i don't think it's related

>>and very often i see these:
>>java (Server) Wed Sep 11 05:00:39 2002
>> INET/inet_error: read errno = 104
>>java (Client) Wed Sep 11 00:32:02 2002
>> INET/inet_error: connect errno = 111
>This is returned by the OS, not Firebird. And, I get it on Windows as well

>and it's not anything to worry about.
i've seen these before, so they don't seem to be the problem

thanks for your time