Subject Re: [ib-support] FB and MSSQL (speed test)
Author Daniel Rail
At 11/09/2002 12:26 PM, you wrote:
>I'm doing some test using FB (with IBX and ADO) and MSSQK (with ADO)
>and I've seen that MSSQL is faster than FB when I open query's.
>My program test open 12 querys that return only 1 row an th result
>MSSQL ADO -> ~ 12500 ms
>FB ADO -> ~ 30500 ms
>FB IBX -> ~21500 ms
>The test is over a internet conection (2 DSL 256k) and I've done it
>10 times.
>I suppose that FB spent more time open a query than MSSQL, is this
>I've used zebedee too, but without any speed gain.
>How can I accelerate then open of querys?

Have you tried using IB Objects( to connect, instead of IBX?

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