Subject Re: [ib-support] What do I need to do to keep my DB good and running smoothly
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:32 PM 02-09-02 +0200, Set wrote:
>I'm not
>certain if it is still an issue, but formerly it was necessary to make sure
>IB just ran on one processor if run on a Windows machine with several

It's still an issue on Windows.

>(there was some utility called IB_Affinity available to help

You don't need IB_Affinity with Firebird 1. You can configure the affinity
in the configuration file, using the environment variable
CPU_AFFINITY. See the release notes for details.

FWIW, IB_Affinity (or its equivalent) was a solution "in its time". It did
(does) have the drawback of not being a usable option when running the
server as a service.