Subject Re: [ib-support] article: Securing Firebird Installation For LinuxShared Hosting
Author Edwin Pratomo
Steven Haryanto wrote:
> > Setting limit on maximum memory used by ibserver is also one thing
> > missing from the article.
> which brings me to another question: is rlimit-ing ibserver safe? (i.e.:
> would it corrupt databases in the case of abrupt process termination by
> the OS?)

I don't know, but IMO, it should be safe. A failure to allocate memory
should be handled in a safe way, not to corrupt the database. Also the
behaviour may be different for SuperServer and Classic. This question is
better answered by someone knowledgeable about the Fb internal.

Frankly, I was thinking about SERVER_WORKING_SIZE_MAX configuration
parameter when replying to your message. I've just remembered that the
InterBase's Operation Guide says it's only for Windows NT environment.
But, since it's been quite a while since the Op guide was written,
perhaps that has changed, or may be changed in future. I don't see why
such parameter is only applicable to Windows.