Subject Speed on select with order by ......
Author mivi71dk

I have a DB with a Table called transaktioner.
In this DB I have 300.000 records.

If I do a Select Field1 from transaktioner I get some results
If I then do one of the below:

Select Field1 from transaktioner where field1<>''
Select Field1 from transaktioner order by field1 desc

It takes up to 2 minuts before I get my result.

I then tried creating an index on field1, but that didn't had any
I then tried this:

select field1 from transaktioner where field1<>'' plan
(transaktioner index (field1_index)) order by field1

This wasn't faster than before !

I dont see the point of creating an index if the diff. before and
after can't be seen.