Subject Re: [ib-support] article: Securing Firebird Installation For Linux Shared Hosting
Author Steven Haryanto
Scott Taylor wrote:
> I agree, it's kinda stupid to allow anyone besides SYSDBA to create
> databases, even in a trusted environment that can be nasty on a
> server. Then again, if a user can get to isql, chances are they can do a
> lot of damage using other system tools if that is their goal.

particularly in my case (shared hosting), i don't mind users creating
any files/directories they want, as long as the files end up belonging
to them (and thus will count to their quota). creating databases through
the firebird daemon results in creating files owned by the firebird
daemon itself. with mysql and postgresql, users are only allowed to
create databases through a control panel interface, and the control
panel script changes the ownership/group ownership of the database

so it'll be nice if the 'create database' privilege could be limited to
SYSDBA only.

> You've compiled some very useful information there, Steven. All you need
> now is someone to edit it, to remove the font controls from your HTML (as
> nice as it looks, it's murder on 1280x1024 screen)

oops, sorry. will do. i set my screen to 1024x768 using large fonts, so
the font sizes are not that tiny.