Subject Re: [ib-support] article: Securing Firebird Installation For Linux Shared Hosting
Author Steven Haryanto
Edwin Pratomo wrote:
> Maybe you'd want to add in Step 4 (blocking remote users) about secure
> tunneling in case a client wants to connect remotely. Several ways to
> accomplish this are by using zebedee (a tutorial already published in
> ibphoenix), ssh, or as you wrote in a local magazine here, using
> stunnel.
> Some people also use /etc/hosts.(deny|allow) to restrict remote
> connections, though I haven't tried that myself. Seems like fb is built
> with libwrap.

thanks for the suggestion. i'll try to include it in the next revision.

> Setting limit on maximum memory used by ibserver is also one thing
> missing from the article.

which brings me to another question: is rlimit-ing ibserver safe? (i.e.:
would it corrupt databases in the case of abrupt process termination by
the OS?)