Subject Re: [ib-support] Interbase disconnecting all clients
Author Scott Taylor
At 05:13 PM 09/07/2002, you wrote:

>He recently switched to TCP/IP to connect clients to the IB6 server.
>(Previously he was mapping the server's drive on each client, and accessing
>the DB through the mapped drive). Everything
>works fine until he disconnects the network cable on his laptop (also
>running the client). At this stage ALL clients on the network lose their
>connection to the IB server, which the application doesn't particularly like

What is the connection string on the clients?

>This doesn't happen if he maps the server's drive, and accesses the IB DB in
>this way.

How do you access the database over a mapped drive? Which machine is
serving (running) ibserver?

>Theoretically, disconnecting one machine shouldn't cause the IB server to
>drop all connections, but it does.

Not theoretically, verily. Something else is wrong here.