Subject RE: [ib-support] Interbase disconnecting all clients
Author Paul M.
Hi, Scott.

He was mapping the server's drive, then setting z:\thepath\theDBfile.gdb as
the database to connect to, assuming that z: is the mapped drive. The DB
Server is running on the NTServer whose drive is being mapped.

I recommended that he switched to TCP/IP to access the DB, which he did.
However, after a period of time, this caused the server to lock out all the

I think I've sorted out the problem now, though. He had a small app running
on the server that backed up the database at half hour intervals, which was
still accessing it via the path, rather than TCP/IP. Someone else has
informed me that if you use two different protocols to access the DB,
Interbase can crash. Therefore I'm pretty sure that this is the problem, and
that the disconnected machine was a red herring.

Does this sound right to the interbase gurus here?


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At 05:13 PM 09/07/2002, you wrote:

>He recently switched to TCP/IP to connect clients to the IB6 server.
>(Previously he was mapping the server's drive on each client, and accessing
>the DB through the mapped drive). Everything
>works fine until he disconnects the network cable on his laptop (also
>running the client). At this stage ALL clients on the network lose their
>connection to the IB server, which the application doesn't particularly

What is the connection string on the clients?

>This doesn't happen if he maps the server's drive, and accesses the IB DB
>this way.

How do you access the database over a mapped drive? Which machine is
serving (running) ibserver?

>Theoretically, disconnecting one machine shouldn't cause the IB server to
>drop all connections, but it does.

Not theoretically, verily. Something else is wrong here.

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