Subject Interbase disconnecting all clients
Author Paul M.
Hi there. I was pointed to this group when I posted this problem in the
Delphi-en group. Anyone have any ideas?

Interbase 6
Delphi 6 Enterprise
Interbase Express components

A colleague has a rather unique problem, and I was wondering whether
anyone else has come across this.

Basically, they have a network, with Interbase6 running on the server.

He recently switched to TCP/IP to connect clients to the IB6 server.
(Previously he was mapping the server's drive on each client, and accessing
the DB through the mapped drive). Everything
works fine until he disconnects the network cable on his laptop (also
running the client). At this stage ALL clients on the network lose their
connection to the IB server, which the application doesn't particularly like

This doesn't happen if he maps the server's drive, and accesses the IB DB in
this way.

Theoretically, disconnecting one machine shouldn't cause the IB server to
drop all connections, but it does.

The person that pointed me to ib-support noted that there was a known issue
when connecting to the server using two different protocols, although I am
pretty sure they switched all clients to TCP/IP at the same time.

Any comments/suggestions etc?

Thanks in advance.


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