Subject Re: Numeric, Decimal, Double Precision and Float data types. What and when to use?
Author csswa
Sorry, no offense intended, Theo. In fact, it appears you outrank me
by a year and a half :-)

Me -- I use NUMERIC (not DECIMAL) for minor precision stuff.
However, I use DOUBLE PRECISION for any significant
scientific/arithmetic values or for values where you don't wish to
reserve a set number of decimal places. Horses for courses and all
that. Feel free to throw out some real-world examples to see how
others here would datatype them.

Andrew Ferguson
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--- In ib-support@y..., "Theo Bebekis" <teo@e...> wrote:
> Andrew
> thanks for your response.
> I think I did not explain my question well (language is always a
> so I feel the answer was far enough from it.
> I did not ask about INTEGER and SMALLINT types
> and I know what precision and scale means in regard to floating
point types
> and how Interbase stores those datatypes (Data Definition Guide
> and also I use Interbase (and Firebird since the 0.9 version)
almost two years now.
> Anyway, thanks again for the explanation.
> My question was primarily about Numeric/Decimal and IEEE types
> and what and when to use.
> What do you experienced IB/FB programmers recommend me to use?
> Numeric/Decimal or IEEE?
> Does it depends? On what?
> > -- All your babes are belong to me.
> All? greedy...:-)
> My best regards
> Theo
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