Subject Re: Numeric, Decimal, Double Precision and Float data types. What and when to use?
Author csswa
Also, type in 'numeric decimal' or similar into the message search
box and you'll dig out some old posts on the subject.

Andrew Ferguson
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> Andrew
> thanks for your response.
> I think I did not explain my question well (language is always a
> so I feel the answer was far enough from it.
> I did not ask about INTEGER and SMALLINT types
> and I know what precision and scale means in regard to floating
point types
> and how Interbase stores those datatypes (Data Definition Guide
> and also I use Interbase (and Firebird since the 0.9 version)
almost two years now.
> Anyway, thanks again for the explanation.
> My question was primarily about Numeric/Decimal and IEEE types
> and what and when to use.
> What do you experienced IB/FB programmers recommend me to use?
> Numeric/Decimal or IEEE?
> Does it depends? On what?
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> All? greedy...:-)
> My best regards
> Theo
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