Subject Windows 2000 clients sometimes hang when using unparameterised query
Author ianstuarthunt
does anyone out there have any experianec of Windows 2000 clients
sometimes hanging when you use straight (unparameterised) queries? We
have a situation where we need to post several records to a table and
re-use the same query several times, simply replacing the SQL each
time. This works fine on Windows 9x clients but on 2000 clients the
client sometimes seizes up.
The IB server machine seems fine regardless of which OS it is on.
We are running IB 5.1 clients and IB 5.6 server. Old versions I know,
but the time required to upgrade to IB 6/Firebird would be
considerable as its a large project with several reserved words in
use in the tables.
Any help or experience of this would be helpful
Stuart Hunt,
Senior Developer
IdeaGen Software PLC