Subject Re: [ib-support] firebird and sapdb
Author Adrian Roman
> I don't find that ADO driver into SAP DB downloads.
> Could you please provide us with a link?

I think there isn't an ado driver.
ado works on top of oledb, which in turns has a provider for odbc. So if
you'll use ado you actually will make the calls through the
ado <-> oledb <-> odbc chain. Pretty fast :-)
In the future perhaps we'll use which no doubt will speed things a
little more. :-)

It would be faster if there would be a dedicated oledb provider, in which
case the odbc layer would be bypassed...

For a C++ programmer I would advise to directly go through oledb, avoiding
the ado layer, which is for VB programmers anyway (it supplies dual
interfaces, so the languages that don't support pointers can go through
automation interfaces, that is IDispatch). oledb interfaces are derived from
IUnknown, the calls are direct, avoiding the burden of Invoke calls on

Adrian Roman