Subject Re: [ib-support] firebird and sapdb
Author Helen Borrie
This seems way off-topic for Firebird.

Mme la Moderateuse

At 01:44 PM 05-07-02 +0300, you wrote:
> > I don't find that ADO driver into SAP DB downloads.
> > Could you please provide us with a link?
>I think there isn't an ado driver.
>ado works on top of oledb, which in turns has a provider for odbc. So if
>you'll use ado you actually will make the calls through the
>ado <-> oledb <-> odbc chain. Pretty fast :-)
>In the future perhaps we'll use which no doubt will speed things a
>little more. :-)
>It would be faster if there would be a dedicated oledb provider, in which
>case the odbc layer would be bypassed...
>For a C++ programmer I would advise to directly go through oledb, avoiding
>the ado layer, which is for VB programmers anyway (it supplies dual
>interfaces, so the languages that don't support pointers can go through
>automation interfaces, that is IDispatch). oledb interfaces are derived from
>IUnknown, the calls are direct, avoiding the burden of Invoke calls on
>Adrian Roman
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