Subject JDBC and Firebird
Author William L. Thomson Jr.
Is there anyone out there that used InterClient with InterBase who
migrated over to Firebird?

What JDBC driver are you using?

What problems if any have you run into with the beta Class 4 JCA-JDBC
driver for Firebird.

Can I still use my current implementation of InterClient?

I would like to switch to Firebird ASAP, but since 90% of my apps are
using the InterClient JDBC driver, that is my main concern.

I would like to switch to Firebird, and keep using InterClient, and then
once that step is done, swap out InterClient for the Class 4 JCA-JDBC
driver for Firebird.

If that is possible.

If I cannot use InterClient with Firebird, has anyone run into any
problems I should be aware of with the beta driver?

I am not doing anything crazy with the InterClient driver, since it
seemed to be limited on what it could do. Allot of the features that are
available for other JDBC drivers, do not work with InterClient.

The good part of that is I am using the most common and standard
features, so I would hope that those work fine.

Pretty much all queries are set to auto commit, and I am just selecting,
updating, and inserting the basics. I have never been able to accurately
deal with blobs. I can select, insert, update and delete them, but for
example when I do and insert or update to a blob column, the return
value is a failed value although the transaction did go through.

So it's very possible that the Class 4 JCA-JDBC driver for Firebird will
work perfectly in my apps, and either way at some point I will migrate
over to that as well. But that will require me to update each app.

Can I use InterClient and the Class 4 JCA-JDBC driver for Firebird?

Probably a stupid question, but are there any conflicts I should be
aware of?

Also for the record I am using version 2.0.1 Test Build of the
InterClient driver. Should I bother with the update to the driver?

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