Subject Re: Benchmark...
Author csswa

You will not find black-and-white comparisons for any combination of
db servers. EULAs for the majors specifically prohibit this
practice, and for good reason. Generally, no two implementations of
a database system are identical and therefore no two implementations
can be compared fairly. Of the few online comparisons you will find
(if you look hard enough, but don't bother for the reasons herein),
these typically favour the interests of the company who commissioned
the report.

Yes, you can set up your own test between two db servers on identical
machines, but what then regarding the idiosyncrasies of performance
tuning each? If you know exactly how to optimize each db server then
finally you approach something like useable comparison results. And
still your mileage will vary. Welcome to the slippery slope.

Andrew Ferguson
-- Mom always liked me better.

--- In ib-support@y..., jolague@g... wrote:
> Our IT manager has intended to migrate our database from InterBase
to DB2
> this year, but we're trying to convince him about the disadvantages
of this
> migration.
> We made a DB for test and we've been having problems with stored
> and some SQL sentences (most of them related with timestamp type
> We need to present a comparison between both DBMS's, including
> administrative and cost items, but we can't find this information
in the
> Internet, do you have somthing like this?
> Regards.
> Jesus Olague