Subject Re: JDBC and Firebird
Author jackfrosch
I switched from IB 6.0 to Firebird 1.0 on my production and development machines.

I used the interbase.interclient.Driver I downloaded from the IBPhoenix site ( and have experienced no problems whasoever.

I haven't tried the new driver, but am doing so today.

My biggest gripe is the weak documentation from Firebird. It takes me hours to find an answer amongst the hodge podge of links on the site. The Interbase documentation that I have differes from the implementation in Firebird slightly. For example, the Interbase docs specify certain option abbreviations for gbak.exe that are different from what Firebird's gbak.exe accepts. I don't know if this is a Firebird issue or an Interbase docs issue; I just know it's a pain to have to reconcile the differences.

Today, I'm trying to figure out if Firebird supports replication, but am not having any luck searching through the mess of links on the site.

Other than documentation, I'm very happy with Firebird thus far.