Subject Re: JDBC and Firebird
Author Aage Johansen
jackfrosch wrote:
> ...
> My biggest gripe is the weak documentation from Firebird. It takes me
hours to find an answer amongst the hodge podge of links on the site. The
Interbase documentation that I have differes from the implementation in
Firebird slightly. For example, the Interbase docs specify certain option
abbreviations for gbak.exe that are different from what Firebird's gbak.exe
accepts. I don't know if this is a Firebird issue or an Interbase docs
issue; I just know it's a pain to have to reconcile the differences.

There is some documentation - 1000+ pages of it - on the CD that IBPhoenix
sells (with the latest FB version).

> Today, I'm trying to figure out if Firebird supports replication, but am
not having any luck searching through the mess of links on the site.

Nothing out of the box. However, I think you can use the same replicator
that is used for IB. There is also a replication tool available with IBO
(for IB and Fb).

Aage J.