Subject Re: Sweep and corrupted DB
Author mivi71dk
Hi Paul

I know I was a bit short headed before with my replys.
I also know that people doesn't work for free.
No one do.

Also I don't expect people to solve my problem.

I just find it funny, that I have a problem with both Firebird and
Interbase, and that I'm the only one with this problem.

Of course I can make mistakes (and believe me I do)!

I just find it hard to believe, that the sweep function works 100 %
since I can force an error.
Or to correct myself, maybe it do work well, but I'm doing something
wrong. But then I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

All I know is that disabling the sweep eliminates my problem.
Not just one place.
But actually 4 different places !

So now I will set back and watch all 4 sites to see if they run
errorfree for the next 1 or 2. Then I will make one of 2 solutions:

Either the sweep isn't working properbly, but I found a way to get by

I do something in my programs which are not allowed !
I just don't know what !