Subject Re: Full table scan
Author semprolbat
--- In ib-support@y..., "Danny Garcia Hernandez" <danny@g...> wrote:
> Using the Plan clause together your select. For a example:
> select no_client, name from table_client
> where (no_client = 5)
> plan (table_client index(no_client_idx))

works great, but what if a user selects from a view, which is based
on several tables, and the user does not know which tables the view
is based on? If you know the names, you can do something like
PLAN(table1 natural, table2 natural, ..., tablen natural)

is it possible to go PLAN(all_relevant_tables natural) or
something? ;-)

Where can I find more detailed descriptions of PLAN than those in the
Language Reference?