Subject Sweep and corrupted DB
Author mivi71dk

I have earlier on posted several messages regarding the sweep
function in FireBird version 1.0 (Build 794).

Everytime everybody told, that there is no problem.

But I can (on 2 different servers in 2 different networks, and on 2
different machines standing "alone") make this error occur CONSTANTLY.

The ONLY way I can solve this problem is by disabling the sweep and
then manually do a sweep.

When my error occurs my DB is so damaged that ONLY a Backup - Restore
rutine will help.

In my specific case it happens like this:

When a new user tries to CONNECT while the DB is being sweepted then
the DB gets corrupted.

When an already connected user disconnects the same happens.

Here efter no one can access the DB until a Backup - Restore has been

Now some questions:

Why do people tell me, that the sweep bug has been fixed, where as
far as I'm concerned it has NOT !

In which NG can I discuss BUGS in firebird ?