Subject Re: [ib-support] Connection problem
Author Paul Reeves
Ernesto Cullen wrote:

> client. She has only TCP/IP protocol installed Using
> from the client, it takes about 2 seconds to get connected, and as
> long as 30 (!) seconds to get some query result. Now, if she use
> \\servidor\e:\datos\xx.gdb
> as database name, it takes about 0.6 sec. to get connected, and
> faster query response times.
> Now, as I understand it, the first is the correct TCP/IP sintaxis;
> the second is a kind of 'hybrid' of TCP and NETBEUI. Is does correct
> or am I misunderstanding something?

The latter is the NetBeui connection format for Firebird and InterBase.
If you have a NetBeui network it will work. NetBeui networks are not
recommended for anything but the smallest network. (ie, about two PCs).
Additionally, they wont work with Win9x as Fb/IB require named pipe
support which is only available under NT, Win2K etc.

Try the tcp connect string but with the hostname instead of the ip
address. If you have the hosts file set up correctly on each PC you
should see 'normal' response times.


Paul Reeves
Supporting users of Firebird and InterBase