Subject Connection problem
Author bzwirs

Firebird 2.1.3, Windows XP

Have 2 applications. The main application and a smaller version for use on a another laptop. The main application is used to connect to a database on another laptop for the purpose of uploading data for a particular user and transfering sales data back to the main database.

At a client site I have the problem that I can't connect to the other laptop database. The client uses Citrix which is working fine for the main application. The network people there have mapped the drive to the other laptop as "N" drive and the laptop name is "Stoich". The connection string I use is:
Stoich:N:\Program Files\AppDirectory\App.fdb
Keep getting message to say that Cannot connect to ....... Have also tried substituting "C" for the drive letter without success. The databse on the laptop is installed on "C:\Program Files\..... The laptop has the server version of Firebird installed.

Any clues???

thanks in advance