Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: Sweep and corrupted DB
Author Paul Reeves
mivi71dk wrote:
> If no solution / explanation comes up as to my problem, I will do
> that.

If you want an explanation and a solution you will have to do it, sooner
or later. Someone, somewhere needs to put the time in to research this
and it won't happen by magic. Things get fixed when there is a clear,
identifiable problem that affects the reasonable operation of the server.

We are over 100,000 downloads on from the release of Fb1 final and this
is the only reported case of a sweep bug. (I'll leave Michael Gast's
problem to one side - forcibly closing a database during a sweep by
ending the server process isn't quite the same thing).

If we had several people all reporting this problem then it would be
taken more seriously. I'm not saying that there isn't a problem, or that
it isn't serious, but we do need corroboration. Not only that, but
without a reproducible test case no-one can even begin the attempt to
fix it.

> I can tell you everything from OS, HW, Programs, etc.
> I can even give them a copy of my DB and my program to test it with !

For that you would have to pay me. Seriously, you have two choices -
create a reproducible test case that can be run from a set of scripts
(or at the very least a problem description that can be reproduced
fairly easily by an interested developer) - or hire us to do the work
for you. The latter is likely to be expensive, but would see the problem
resolved fairly quickly. The former is free, but you are dependant upon
a developer having the interest and free time to take it on. That
developer may even be someone from IBPhoenix, but we have the same
problems with time and priorities as everyone else - paying customers
always come first.


Paul Reeves
Supporting users of Firebird and InterBase