Subject Re: [ib-support] Two things Firebird needs for corp acceptance
Author Artur Anjos

I will complete Martjin questions with this one:

- Why you are joining 'corp developer' with 'corp client'?

As Martjin, I don't know what's the problem to have lots of tables in the
same DB.

You can do almost all things that you want in a SP without using a temporary
table. Also, it's very easy to emulate a temporary table with a table and an
ID, in most part of the jobs you need a temp table to.

> > These two things are the biggest complaint I have been getting from....

Replace your developers. :) I don't know about any developer that will not
use a DB because of this 2 problems... Did they study what they get that M$,
Oracle and Sysbase does not have?