Subject Two things Firebird needs for corp acceptance
Author mp527
The two things the corp developer is looking for is:

1. The ability to query another database on the same server from a
stored procedure.
Why, datastores are easier to implement for one. Without this you
could end up with hundreds of tables in a single DB.

2. Tempory Tables that can be created and destroyed from a stored
procedure. This is a comman practice in Sysbase, MS SQL Server and
Oracle. Why? because it is a accepted method to make complex
queries and calculations in a stored proc easier to maintain.

These two things are the biggest complaint I have been getting from
our corp DBAs who I have convinced to use Firebird.

I am not a c/c++ coder, but if there is anything else I can do to
help let me know.

I can tell you this, if firebird adds these things IB Phoenix will
sell more support and subscription CDs :-)

Tony Caduto