Subject Re: [ib-support] Two things Firebird needs for corp acceptance
Author Martijn Tonies

> The two things the corp developer is looking for is:
> 1. The ability to query another database on the same server from a
> stored procedure.
> Why, datastores are easier to implement for one. Without this you
> could end up with hundreds of tables in a single DB.

What's wrong with that?

> 2. Tempory Tables that can be created and destroyed from a stored
> procedure. This is a comman practice in Sysbase, MS SQL Server and
> Oracle. Why? because it is a accepted method to make complex
> queries and calculations in a stored proc easier to maintain.

I've worked with Oracle for a few years and never had to create a
temp table. Used cursors a lot though. Cursors (FOR SELECT DO)
could be improved in FB though - it would be nice to really have a
cursor and test for no records found and so on.

> These two things are the biggest complaint I have been getting from

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