Subject Re: [ib-support] Two things Firebird needs for corp acceptance
Author Todd Brasseur
Artur Anjos wrote:

> Tony,
> I will complete Martjin questions with this one:
> - Why you are joining 'corp developer' with 'corp client'?
> As Martjin, I don't know what's the problem to have lots of tables in the
> same DB.

I would like to be able to join databases as well. We have an
application that stores alot of data that changes all the time. It also
stores alot of images which hardly ever change. We split up the
database into 2 separate databases for a few reasons:

1) The images are huge (several gigabytes). They only need to be
backed up once a month or so.
2) The user likes to make local copies of the database to do analysis.
It makes it alot easier to only have to backup and restore 150 megs
rather than 10 gigs.

Also, we are trying to integrate with some other data that isn't part of
our application. With SQL Server our clients can add triggers, etc.
that do things between databases. We can't do that.

> You can do almost all things that you want in a SP without using a
> temporary
> table. Also, it's very easy to emulate a temporary table with a table
> and an
> ID, in most part of the jobs you need a temp table to.

Temporary tables would be great for complex calculations. We select a
ton of data and then need to calculate math on the data. It would be
nice to store the results of one query either in an array or a temporary
table and then be able to calculate standard deviations, medians etc.