Subject Re: FB crash
Author csswa
> Oh dear, this is getting totally confused...

Helen, to clarify for my own understanding, you've said that:

1) = 'local host' otherwise known as 'windows local
connection', which does not use TCP/IP for IB connection.
2) localhost = 'local loopback', uses TCP/IP for IB connection.

However 'both eventually resolve to localhost'. So although the end
result of both is a connection to 'localhost', method 1 creates an
internal windows connection (c:\folder\db.gdb) and method 2 creates
the connection via TCP/IP protocol (\folder\db.gdb) ???

Andrew Ferguson

--- In ib-support@y..., Helen Borrie <helebor@t...> wrote:
> At 11:17 PM 08-05-02 -0300, Daniel Rail wrote:
> > >What puzzles me though, is what is the difference between
> > >localhost:c:\aaa\wa.gdb
> > >\aaa\wa.gdb
> > >???
> > >Surely these a functionally equivalent?
> >
> >These are the same, but I don't think Helen was talking about
> >when she mentioned local connection. Remember that there is a
> >protocol for connection to Interbase and Firebird which is
different than
> >using the TCP/IP protocol to connect. For the local protocol, you
> >need to provide the pathname of the database(i.e.: c:\aaa\wa.gdb)
as the
> >connection string.
> Oh dear, this is getting totally confused...
> to be clear, it is my belief that the original questioner's problem
> from his 8 threads all being propagated from a *windows local*
> which is NOT thread safe. So I advocated that he use tcp/ip local
> loopback. Let's get clear of this windows-local connection - it
is not
> feasible for multiple threads. Local loopback uses tcp/ip; local
> connection doesn't; local connection and local loopback are NOT
> As to the question of whether the server "localhost" and the IP
> "" are equivalent: yes, they are. However, in some
> implementations, "" is resolved initially as a string, not
as an
> IP address. This can slow things down, on these older Winsocks,
but they
> will both eventually resolve to localhost.
> Helen
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