Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: FB crash
Author Helen Borrie
At 03:32 AM 09-05-02 +0000, csswa wrote:

> > Oh dear, this is getting totally confused...
>Helen, to clarify for my own understanding, you've said that:
>1) = 'local host' otherwise known as 'windows local
>connection', which does not use TCP/IP for IB connection.
>2) localhost = 'local loopback', uses TCP/IP for IB connection.

aaarggh!! NO!

'windows local connection' is NOT tcp/ip, it is conceptually equivalent to
what used to be "direct connection" - except it is not "direct connection"
any more (since Superserver) - it's a fudge, by which the server and the
client share the same ipc space (hence the problems for multiple
threads). This was invented and implemented and reimplemented by Borland
and is confined to Windows. = IP address for tcp/ip local loopback, identified by the "server
name" localhost (one word). This a network-level deal. It's not
platform-dependent and it was not invented by Microsoft or Borland. TCP/IP
local loopback is a cross-platform convention.

>However 'both eventually resolve to localhost'.

The "both" that resolve to localhost are: the server name "localhost" and
the IP address

> method 1 creates an
>internal windows connection (c:\folder\db.gdb)

method 1 creates a *single* communication channel between gds32.dll and
ibserver.exe. Period. Localhost, tcp/ip, whatever, NOT involved.

> and method 2 creates
>the connection via TCP/IP protocol (\folder\db.gdb) ???

or localhost:c:\folder\db.gdb


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