Subject Re: FB crash
Author csswa
--- In ib-support@y..., Helen Borrie <helebor@t...> wrote:
> aaarggh!! NO!

:-) <Andrew pokes Helen with a stick a few more times. Hears a
ticking sound. Takes a slow, careful step backward. And another.
Then runs for his life.>

> 'windows local connection' is NOT tcp/ip, it is conceptually
equivalent to
> what used to be "direct connection" - except it is not "direct


> = IP address for tcp/ip local loopback, identified by
the "server
> name" localhost (one word). This a network-level deal. It's not
> platform-dependent and it was not invented by Microsoft or Borland.
> local loopback is a cross-platform convention.


> > method 1 creates an
> >internal windows connection (c:\folder\db.gdb)
> method 1 creates a *single* communication channel between gds32.dll
> ibserver.exe. Period. Localhost, tcp/ip, whatever, NOT involved.
> > and method 2 creates
> >the connection via TCP/IP protocol (\folder\db.gdb) ???
> or localhost:c:\folder\db.gdb

Roger that.

Can you tell I'm going to agree with you no matter what I think?
Anything to avert another Mount St Helens ;-)

Andrew <poke, poke> Ferguson.